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Best High Quality HB17117- Impact Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Wholesale - Factory Price - HaiBang / ManNuo
HaiBang / ManNuo High Quality HB17117-Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Wholesale - Dongguan Haibang Network Technology Co., Ltd.,Dongguan Haibang Network Technology Co., Ltd.established in 2006,with more than 15 years of comprehensive experience in R&D and production capability.HB17117.Most of our customers say this product will not get pilling even it is for many times. They love its quality fabrics.Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator for G Spot Clitoris Stimulation!The thrusting vibrator has 10 thrusting speeds and 10 patterns of clitoral vibration to provide you with a variety of ways to achieve pleasure both inside and outside. The vibrator thrusts in and out to a dept of  to mimic the thrusting feeling you feel during sex. The curved head targets your G-spot precisely for intense stimulation, while the flexible tickler hits your cilt and delivers blended orgasms oh so enjoyably!

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